Sunday, September 16, 2012

moved in!

Last night was our official first night in our new home :) Josh woke up early and went to work, leaving from our old home. Then me, my wonderful mother, and a bunch of my brothers and sisters moved allll of our stuff and got most of it set up in the house before he got home last night! He was flabbergasted when he walked in the door :) We are probably 80 or 85% organized... I'm still trying to figure out where everything is! The kids/guest toilet has something wrong with it :/ Josh replaced the inside of the toilet, but something is still wrong somewhere... I'll have to ask my Dad to look at it at some point this week. Both babies slept in their own bed all night last night! Not such a big deal for Kade (although I was prepared for her to wake up), but for Kyson it is a tremendous feat!! I can probably count on my fingers how many times Mr. Ky has slept the whole night through in his own bed... he did wake up twice, but I just scooped him up and put him back in his own bed, and he did fine. We installed a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs (bonus room is upstairs), only to discover that he can slip right under the bottom!! Good thing I wasn't so worried about him, as he can navigate stairs pretty well. But hopefully Kade doesn't copy him, because that girl has been getting into EVERYTHING and I was looking forward to a respite from having to pull her off the stairs 50 bazillion times! None of the house i baby proofed yet and it has been super challenging to keep her out of trouble! They are both really enjoying all of the run around space! And I am really digging all of the structure!! I love having a new fresh start for getting Kyson on to a better routine (early bedtime, mainly).

Tomorrow is our annual trip to go apple picking!! I love Fall, and this is the best way to kick it off, in my opinio.! Last year they had a huge petting farm with a calf, colt, piglets, a turkey, rabbits, and goats, and we had so so so much fun! I really hope that attraction is still there, but even if it's not, I'm going to enjoy driving into the mountains and walking through the apple orchards. We will have tag-along Tori (my 21 month old cousin) tomorrow, which should make for an even more eventful day :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012


We are slowly but surely getting things accomplished at the house :) I painted our tray ceiling yesterday and we got Kyson's room painted the day before that. I found a mirror at Goodwill yesterday and spray painted the edges RED to go in our master bedroom :) I wanted to do the ever popular grey and yellow scheme, but Josh thought it was a bit too feminine, so we went with grey and red. My mom found a wooden king sized headboard at a thrift store a few weeks ago, and I'm going to try spray painting it black to see if I can make it work in our bedroom, too. My sister Kieanna painted Kaedrianna's room (PINK!), but we still have to paint her ceiling and repaint the trim in her room, plus my walk-in closet and the laundry room. The sheet rock is supposed to finished this Monday, but I have a feeling it's going to be delayed. After that it's more painting, refinishing the living room floor, replacing the kitchen light fixture, and a TON of tiny details to work on. We are definitely having a busy few weeks!