Thursday, August 2, 2012

Still waiting :/

We are still waiting on our house. It is such a bummer that this process takes so long. We thought we would be IN a new house by now, not waiting to close on a house. I am definitely not impressed with the HUD's 203k loan. If we didn't absolutely love this house and it's location we would have backed out a couple of times now! I'm glad we haven't, but boy-oh-boy we are so ready to CLOSE!

My kids are fantastic (I know I should stop saying babies, because Ky will be THREE in like 10 weeks, boo hoo hoo!). Kyson is potty training and doing pretty well, he goes whenever I sit him on the potty, and rarely has an accident if I remember to do it, but he hardly ever tells me himself. He likes his big boy undies, I should take a picture of him in them :)

I wish I could video Kade all day long. She makes me laugh! She is so stubborn and bossy! I did manage to find my camera while we were playing with bubbles in the kitchen this morning and capture a few seconds of her hilarity :) I'll try to remember to upload it soon!

We are loving our church! It's growing, which makes us happy. I really need to stay motivated and get us to church on the days that Josh works, but the babies always seem extra whiny on those days... excuses, excuses, I know. I really do love going :) :) :)

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