Saturday, July 21, 2012

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Our loan officer is still promising that we will close this month... I don't have tons of faith that we actually will... but I know we are getting close! I can't wait to move in, I haven't even let myself picture us in 2,200 sq ft... it is going to seem so ridiculously big to us!!!

I love my big family :) Life is far away from being anywhere near to perfect around here, but I really do enjoy having so many people to call family. My teenage sisters are so funny, and I believe they will all grow up to be incredible people, but man, being a teenager is so hard! I should really be praying for them more than I already do... don't get me started on today's society where teenagers are concerned!!

Ky is so stinking hilarious! He has started asking "Can I?", and I can't help but to say yes every time! "Can I jump, Mommy? Can I, please?!" He just makes me want to squeeze him! He is still not eating very well, and is therefore quite the shrimp. I think he's getting enough nutrition, just not so many calories. And whatever he does manage to consume just gets burned right up with all of the energy he has! He slept so well when we were camping because he played so hard during the daytime. I should really orchestrate more play dates for him so he can burn more energy.

My other child is oh so stinky! She just has such a strong personality, and wants her way in everything she does (much like my mother... uh-oh... :)). Her new favorite word is "Mine!", usually followed with " No, Bubba!". She definitely holds her own with Kyson. Her "MM-AH!" kisses are as cute as can be, especially when she gives them to her brother :) She is still a great eater and a great sleeper. I absolutely love hearing her talk on the phone with someone, she alternately puts the phone up to her ear and then looks at the screen, saying "Hehwo?!" while smiling her huge, still quite toothless smile :)

I am so blessed and thankful for the life that I live <3

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