Monday, July 16, 2012


This past weekend we went camping with my parents and siblings. We drive about two hours away, up in the mountains of North Georgia, to Lake Winfield Scott in Suches. There is no cell reception :) no internet :) and no crowds :) It's so peaceful and relaxing! The lake water is clear (as lake water goes), cool, and not stinky! I'm so glad we got to go with everyone!

Kade and Kyson both loved getting in the water, but Kade was not a huge fan of the sand. They both thought playing in the tent was fun until they realized the couldn't get out of it! :) Poor Kaedrianna attracts mosquitoes in droves, and we tried to keep her sprayed with repellent, but she still got four different bits, three of them on her face, poor baby! Kyson ate a ton of food (which is a miracle), and Kaedrianna got passed around to everyone, so she was one happy baby most of the time. We made tons of memories!

 It rained during the night all three nights we camped. Our tent was ridiculously leaky the first night, water kept dripping right on my face alll night long! We went back down the mountain to grab a tarp and to dry our sheets and comforter, though, so the next two nights were much more comfy. Josh slipped in a nap all to himself, which was very much deserved. It was a great trip overall, and we are even contemplating another trip later on!

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