Saturday, June 23, 2012


Buying a house is stressful. Everyone told me that. IT IS TRUE. Unbelievably stressful.

For the first time in a long time I look forward to the weekends when the banks are closed so that I can regroup my thoughts and relax... I don't have to make any decisions on the weekends :) If it happens that we don't get to close on this particular house I will NOT be doing a 203k loan again. I don't care how good of a deal the house is, there are way WAY too many issues in the loan to deal with!

Kyson is obsessed with puzzles. It started a few months ago, and we have a plethora of chunky toddler puzzles. Now he has moved on to an in between stage where the simple shape puzzles are way too easy and boring, but jigsaw puzzles are a bit much for him to handle by himself. So now I get to sit with him and do our 3 simple jigsaw puzzles over and over and over...  :) We have a pirate one, one with planes, and one with big trucks on it... at least it keeps him occupied and not whiny!

(As I was typing the above he pushed a chair up to the counter to retrieve said puzzles! Stinker boy.)

Kaedrianna is growing so fast! She is running, talking, figuring things out, arguing (yes), and loves to laugh and giggle. She picks on Kyson a bit :) She definitely has Josh's personality when it comes to aggravating and sarcasm! Kyson will be laying in the floor playing and Kade will come and sit on his back. Kyson cries out, annoyed, and Kade smiles big and laughs! They are such a joy! She is sleeping 12 hours at night without waking up, in her own bed, in her own room :) And still takes a two hour nap every day! Amazing! Kyson has started trying to skip naps altogether, although I am adamant on not letting that happen!

We should be going camping in the mountains next month with the whole family. Can't wait to see what this year will be like with a two year old and a one year old!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pictures of the house and a few random from this summer!

I want to have  a few pictures of our house on the internet so that I can access them from my phone... and I love this house and want to show it off :)
Living rooom, side view

Josh and I at dinner for Mother's day with Mom, Dad, Brian, Amey, Jen, and Tab

View from the front door

Built in shelves in the living room

Dining room

Kitchen. Can't wait to repaint!

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Master Bath

Living room again

Babies in the pool :)

Pedi brag

I have to brag on my (I mean Kade and Ky's) pediatrician. I love him. :) The office we go to actully has two doctors and a NP that we see, and I truly like them all. I feel like they listen to me. But the one we see most often is just awesome. Kade had her 15 month old check up today, but has been running a fever for the last few days. I go into the office not knowing which doctor I'm going to get (they told me, I just forgot), and expecting to have to argue my way out of getting vaccines. This is where his awesomeness comes in. He automatically suggests no vaccines :) He also goes on to tell me that really, she's fine until 18 months :) :) I love his reasoning :) While he is being a complete fountain of information, spouting off important, non traditional information (cause who likes the traditional kind? DUH, I know not to let my baby near a pool unsupervised. Plus, they have a hand out for that), I decide to make a point to my dear old Hubby (he is only very slightly on the side of delayed vaccines). I asked Dr. Gilbert why it is recommended for newborns to recieve the Hep B vaccine... and was smiling for the next five minutes. He said he DOESN'T recommend that they get it, that his kids (he has five, his youngest turns one this week) don't get it as newborns, and that he really isn't sure WHY our hospital still recommends all newborns get it because the fact is, NOT ALL NEWBORNS NEED THE HEP B VACCINE. (DUH).
Later in the visit (I never feel like he's rushing), he gives me the option of putting Kaedrianna on an antibiotic. GASP! :) He did a strep test that came back negative, but her throat was very red and she had been very irritable. He said she could probably fight the infection off by herself, but that if it got worse I could bring her back in. We both felt like she didn't need the antibiotic at this point. I just love that he includes me in diagnosing her... because who knows her better than me?
I would have definitely stopped brasetfeeding Kyson as a newborn if not for him (and Dr Bell). Not once did either one suggest that I supplement with formula, even though Kyson was pretty jaundiced and it took us a while to clear it up. They are also great for returning phone calls after hours for questions and semi-emergencies.
The only negative thing is that they are about 35 minutes away from us. All other things are positive! They make raising my kiddos a whole lot less stressful!!