Thursday, May 3, 2012


The babies have a stomach virus! The past couple of days have been absolutely no fun! I have washed sheets, and washed sheets, and washed sheets!! I'm pretty sure my "good" sheets have lost their title. I am hoping and praying that this thing goes away super soon so we can get back to our normal routines!!

On a much more positive note, we have OFFICIALLY started house hunting :) :) :) :) We got a pre-qualification letter and have started working with a realtor to find our perfect (well...) home! I am so excited! Every time I find a house with all of our qualifications I start thinking "This is it! This is it!" but it always turns out to not to be. I know I am really just way too eager. I start thinking of it as our house before I even get to see the inside, lol. I am determined to wait on God's will for this new house of ours. I always pray in his will, that if we do find the house everything will go smooth, and if the houses that I like are not for us that he stops my hopes and dreams right away.  :) It makes for a much less stressful venture!

Kyson is so hilarious. He calls a biscuit a "sicket" and Sprite "fripe". He makes me smile and always brightens my day. And Kade can pretty much say anything you tell her to. She is addicted to telephones (fake ones, mostly) .She says "Hi Mama, hi Dada, hi Nana, hi Bubba, hi Tata, hi Papa" all day long and her face lights up when you repeat everything she says. She's such a precious little girl!

I don't think there is any other big news... Josh is enjoying his job.The babies are loving outside play time, especially in the sand box (the mosquitoes love Kade, poor thing). We are still cloth diapering, but Kade finished nursing about a month after she turned one. She was just too impatient to nurse, so it was super easy for her to wean herself. If the babies are any better by Saturday we might have a picnic somewhere, I know they would love it!

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