Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good News :)

I feel like I always have good news! I am so blessed and favored :)

We are moving right along with the house. I know there could be a thousand and one hiccups in the plan, but for now everything is going smoothly. We are getting inspections and appraisals next week :) It makes me so nervous to not know exactly how everything is going to go in the next 6-8 weeks.
I have already started deciding on paint colors and furniture arrangements :)
If, for some reason, this house doesn't happen, I know God has another, better, home in store for us.

Kyson and Kaedrianna are as energetic as always. They keep me on my toes. To say the least. Kade is sleeping the whole night in her bed now! And Kyson spends the whole night in OUR bed... oh, the dreams of a three bedroom house!!

We had a baby yard sale this past weekend! We made a ton of money and still had a ton of baby items left over! I was very pleased with the whole weekend, but had no idea how much WORK it was going to be! We all got a little sun and some exercise to boot!

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