Monday, April 9, 2012

25 of the cutest Easter pictures ever!! :)

The Easter Bunny left surprises!!

And I think the babies were happy :)


Playing with her baby dolls, she was stingy and wouldn't share one with me!

Pretty girl!

That black furball is Mr. Fat Back.

She loved that huge pink basket!

SO grown up!

He loves holding his bunny.

He got tired of trying to hold the "cheese" face, lol.

He called it the big yellow egg. So funny, because he usually calls every color "geen".

Fancy lady :)

Our little family :)

She loved finding the eggs!

He had a HUGE basket of eggs! There were more than 400 eggs hidden in my parent's back yard!

Picking up a leaf instead of the egg, lol.

Trying to eat the eggs...

I love my sweet girl!

"I found another one!"


Sweet boy!

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