Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yep... Kaedrianna has been on this Earth, and in my arms for almost a whole YEAR! Amazing... Her party is going to be so so special to me. In a perfect world, where school, jobs, housing, and finances weren't an issue, I would most likely have several more pregnancies/babies, and they would probably all be close together... BUT with everything how it is, we are definitely not having any more children for at least a couple of years. She is my baby, for now :)

We're having BBQ chicken sandwiches (on DELICIOUS potato bread), potato salad, baked beans, and chips and dip for dinner. And then peanut butter balls, oreo truffles, chocolate cake pops, butter pecan cake with cream cheese icing (and a zebra print, if I can manage it), pretzel treats, and chocolate doodles! Good food, plus friends and family around should make for a GREAT day! I can't wait!

Josh is away at training :( Boo hoo hoo :( I dropped him off Sunday around 1pm, and I should go back to pick him up sometime Friday evening. And then I do the same exact thing for three. MORE. weeks. :(

Life is chugging along...

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