Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's only been a week!

Miss Kaedrianna is 11 months old today! And, as always, lame phones and slow internet connections make posting an incredibly adorable video of her difficult (time consuming). She has quite the personality now :) She has learned to let her brother know when he takes something away from her and she doesn't like it! Or even if he just has something and she wants it, lol, This morning I had two screaming babies fighting over a play grocery cart. Kade wanted it as a walker, and Ky wanted it to crash into things! Every time I get out the vacuum he runs to get that grocery cart so we can play bumper cars. He just came into the living room with a handful of small orange caution cones and plopped one on my head. "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" It made me laugh :) Kade has recently started trying to skip her morning nap... BOO! She spends the two hours after she would normally have gone down grumpy and mischievous! and then, when she does go to sleep she just wants to nap for one hour, instead of two! Stinky baby!

We had pizza for lunch today :) They both gobbled it up, which is rare. Especially for the last week, since they have both had MISERABLE colds. Kade also had an ear infection, and her oxygen levels were at 93% (instead of 98-100%). So we have been doing breathing treatments, mucinex, antibiotics, and ibuprofen for more than a week now. We are SO SO ready to be back to normal! As soon as they are better we are going to the park to get some of this grouchy energy OUT!

Birthday party in less than a month! Josh leaves for training at the end of the month, Kyson starts potty training in earnest in about two months, and I probably need to start looking at getting a job or going back to school sometime soon... busy busy busy!!!

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