Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We're still here!

Despite the lack of written literature on our lives, we are still here and running full speed ahead! My gorgeous babies are growing, growing, growing... well, Kyson really IS gaining at least a little weight, lol. His last doctors apt he had gained a pound, and Miss Kaedrianna isn't far behind him on the scale. Kyson's imagination amazes me. He surprises me with his thoughts on a daily basis. Kaedrianna is slipping into toddler-ville. She can stand unassisted for the longest time, but refuses to take a step without holding onto a hand. She's starting to mimic sounds (more, all done) and has completely mastered the "fake cry". I had prided myself on being able to tell what cry meant what, even in a baby that wasn't mine, before Kade. Now she can let out a shriek and I come running into the room, expecting a catastrophe! Kyson has started the awful biting stage. He bit Kade on the arm a couple of days ago and got in big trouble for it (time outs on his bed are the worst thing you can do for him. He's miserable there.) I don't think he really realized what he was doing, truthfully, and thankfully there hasn't been any other offenses... yet.

Other than Kaedrianna's slight cold, we are all doing fantastic. Josh really likes his new job (and I really like his current hours! Bummer that they will change in March and then again in April). Pinterest has made me into a "regular Suzy homemaker" (at least, that is what my mother claims when we actually stay at home all day, and I cook dinner for my family, lol). Life is zooming by, hour by hour. We're still hoping to get into our own home this year (like REALLY hoping, praying, begging, scheming). We need more space.

I have a ton of pictures on my camera, but this internet is incredibly slow, so I guess they will have to wait til next time :) sooner rather than later... maybe.