Friday, December 21, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

moved in!

Last night was our official first night in our new home :) Josh woke up early and went to work, leaving from our old home. Then me, my wonderful mother, and a bunch of my brothers and sisters moved allll of our stuff and got most of it set up in the house before he got home last night! He was flabbergasted when he walked in the door :) We are probably 80 or 85% organized... I'm still trying to figure out where everything is! The kids/guest toilet has something wrong with it :/ Josh replaced the inside of the toilet, but something is still wrong somewhere... I'll have to ask my Dad to look at it at some point this week. Both babies slept in their own bed all night last night! Not such a big deal for Kade (although I was prepared for her to wake up), but for Kyson it is a tremendous feat!! I can probably count on my fingers how many times Mr. Ky has slept the whole night through in his own bed... he did wake up twice, but I just scooped him up and put him back in his own bed, and he did fine. We installed a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs (bonus room is upstairs), only to discover that he can slip right under the bottom!! Good thing I wasn't so worried about him, as he can navigate stairs pretty well. But hopefully Kade doesn't copy him, because that girl has been getting into EVERYTHING and I was looking forward to a respite from having to pull her off the stairs 50 bazillion times! None of the house i baby proofed yet and it has been super challenging to keep her out of trouble! They are both really enjoying all of the run around space! And I am really digging all of the structure!! I love having a new fresh start for getting Kyson on to a better routine (early bedtime, mainly).

Tomorrow is our annual trip to go apple picking!! I love Fall, and this is the best way to kick it off, in my opinio.! Last year they had a huge petting farm with a calf, colt, piglets, a turkey, rabbits, and goats, and we had so so so much fun! I really hope that attraction is still there, but even if it's not, I'm going to enjoy driving into the mountains and walking through the apple orchards. We will have tag-along Tori (my 21 month old cousin) tomorrow, which should make for an even more eventful day :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012


We are slowly but surely getting things accomplished at the house :) I painted our tray ceiling yesterday and we got Kyson's room painted the day before that. I found a mirror at Goodwill yesterday and spray painted the edges RED to go in our master bedroom :) I wanted to do the ever popular grey and yellow scheme, but Josh thought it was a bit too feminine, so we went with grey and red. My mom found a wooden king sized headboard at a thrift store a few weeks ago, and I'm going to try spray painting it black to see if I can make it work in our bedroom, too. My sister Kieanna painted Kaedrianna's room (PINK!), but we still have to paint her ceiling and repaint the trim in her room, plus my walk-in closet and the laundry room. The sheet rock is supposed to finished this Monday, but I have a feeling it's going to be delayed. After that it's more painting, refinishing the living room floor, replacing the kitchen light fixture, and a TON of tiny details to work on. We are definitely having a busy few weeks!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We purchased a home!!!

Yep, it's a done deal. Josh and I are now officially homeowners! It's so surreal. We have already started to paint :) I am absolutely NO good at picking out paint colors, lol. What I see in my mind just doesn't quite transfer into real life! And painting is HARD! I haven't ever painted whole rooms before, and oh my goodness is it way different from what I expected.We have the master bath painted, and most of the master bedroom painted (haven't done the trey ceiling yet), plus the upstairs bonus room (which was supposed to be grey, but is very blue, lol). The next thing will be the kids rooms and the other bathroom. We have to wait until some sheet rock work is done in the kitchen/dining room/living room. We are also looking at replacing some of the carpet, and trying to refinish the living room floor. Our goal of a two week move-in date is probably a bit optimistic! But we should definitely be moved in and settled before Kyson's 3rd (sniff sniff) birthday party on October 20th! We are decorating his room and doing his party pirate themed! At the party all of the little kids are getting bandana's, eye patches, swords, and spy glasses! It should be so much fun! He loves to play dress up, Peter Pan and Captain Hook are his favorites, with Jake (from the Disney show Jake and the Neverland Pirates) right behind them. We are trying to figure out how to set up a "walk the plank" station and a treasure hunt! I'm excited :) He is officially potty trained :) It was so ridiculously easy! I guess he was a little more than ready, lol. He hardly ever ever has an accident, and even keeps his pull-up dry at nap and bedtime! And can even wear underwear when we go out and about! I am so proud of him :) :) He is such a big boy!! Kaedrianna has such a BIG personality! She reminds me so much of my mom :) If she grows up to be half as strong and smart as she is I will be one happy parent :) We are so blessed and favored!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Still waiting :/

We are still waiting on our house. It is such a bummer that this process takes so long. We thought we would be IN a new house by now, not waiting to close on a house. I am definitely not impressed with the HUD's 203k loan. If we didn't absolutely love this house and it's location we would have backed out a couple of times now! I'm glad we haven't, but boy-oh-boy we are so ready to CLOSE!

My kids are fantastic (I know I should stop saying babies, because Ky will be THREE in like 10 weeks, boo hoo hoo!). Kyson is potty training and doing pretty well, he goes whenever I sit him on the potty, and rarely has an accident if I remember to do it, but he hardly ever tells me himself. He likes his big boy undies, I should take a picture of him in them :)

I wish I could video Kade all day long. She makes me laugh! She is so stubborn and bossy! I did manage to find my camera while we were playing with bubbles in the kitchen this morning and capture a few seconds of her hilarity :) I'll try to remember to upload it soon!

We are loving our church! It's growing, which makes us happy. I really need to stay motivated and get us to church on the days that Josh works, but the babies always seem extra whiny on those days... excuses, excuses, I know. I really do love going :) :) :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Our loan officer is still promising that we will close this month... I don't have tons of faith that we actually will... but I know we are getting close! I can't wait to move in, I haven't even let myself picture us in 2,200 sq ft... it is going to seem so ridiculously big to us!!!

I love my big family :) Life is far away from being anywhere near to perfect around here, but I really do enjoy having so many people to call family. My teenage sisters are so funny, and I believe they will all grow up to be incredible people, but man, being a teenager is so hard! I should really be praying for them more than I already do... don't get me started on today's society where teenagers are concerned!!

Ky is so stinking hilarious! He has started asking "Can I?", and I can't help but to say yes every time! "Can I jump, Mommy? Can I, please?!" He just makes me want to squeeze him! He is still not eating very well, and is therefore quite the shrimp. I think he's getting enough nutrition, just not so many calories. And whatever he does manage to consume just gets burned right up with all of the energy he has! He slept so well when we were camping because he played so hard during the daytime. I should really orchestrate more play dates for him so he can burn more energy.

My other child is oh so stinky! She just has such a strong personality, and wants her way in everything she does (much like my mother... uh-oh... :)). Her new favorite word is "Mine!", usually followed with " No, Bubba!". She definitely holds her own with Kyson. Her "MM-AH!" kisses are as cute as can be, especially when she gives them to her brother :) She is still a great eater and a great sleeper. I absolutely love hearing her talk on the phone with someone, she alternately puts the phone up to her ear and then looks at the screen, saying "Hehwo?!" while smiling her huge, still quite toothless smile :)

I am so blessed and thankful for the life that I live <3

Monday, July 16, 2012


This past weekend we went camping with my parents and siblings. We drive about two hours away, up in the mountains of North Georgia, to Lake Winfield Scott in Suches. There is no cell reception :) no internet :) and no crowds :) It's so peaceful and relaxing! The lake water is clear (as lake water goes), cool, and not stinky! I'm so glad we got to go with everyone!

Kade and Kyson both loved getting in the water, but Kade was not a huge fan of the sand. They both thought playing in the tent was fun until they realized the couldn't get out of it! :) Poor Kaedrianna attracts mosquitoes in droves, and we tried to keep her sprayed with repellent, but she still got four different bits, three of them on her face, poor baby! Kyson ate a ton of food (which is a miracle), and Kaedrianna got passed around to everyone, so she was one happy baby most of the time. We made tons of memories!

 It rained during the night all three nights we camped. Our tent was ridiculously leaky the first night, water kept dripping right on my face alll night long! We went back down the mountain to grab a tarp and to dry our sheets and comforter, though, so the next two nights were much more comfy. Josh slipped in a nap all to himself, which was very much deserved. It was a great trip overall, and we are even contemplating another trip later on!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Buying a house is stressful. Everyone told me that. IT IS TRUE. Unbelievably stressful.

For the first time in a long time I look forward to the weekends when the banks are closed so that I can regroup my thoughts and relax... I don't have to make any decisions on the weekends :) If it happens that we don't get to close on this particular house I will NOT be doing a 203k loan again. I don't care how good of a deal the house is, there are way WAY too many issues in the loan to deal with!

Kyson is obsessed with puzzles. It started a few months ago, and we have a plethora of chunky toddler puzzles. Now he has moved on to an in between stage where the simple shape puzzles are way too easy and boring, but jigsaw puzzles are a bit much for him to handle by himself. So now I get to sit with him and do our 3 simple jigsaw puzzles over and over and over...  :) We have a pirate one, one with planes, and one with big trucks on it... at least it keeps him occupied and not whiny!

(As I was typing the above he pushed a chair up to the counter to retrieve said puzzles! Stinker boy.)

Kaedrianna is growing so fast! She is running, talking, figuring things out, arguing (yes), and loves to laugh and giggle. She picks on Kyson a bit :) She definitely has Josh's personality when it comes to aggravating and sarcasm! Kyson will be laying in the floor playing and Kade will come and sit on his back. Kyson cries out, annoyed, and Kade smiles big and laughs! They are such a joy! She is sleeping 12 hours at night without waking up, in her own bed, in her own room :) And still takes a two hour nap every day! Amazing! Kyson has started trying to skip naps altogether, although I am adamant on not letting that happen!

We should be going camping in the mountains next month with the whole family. Can't wait to see what this year will be like with a two year old and a one year old!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pictures of the house and a few random from this summer!

I want to have  a few pictures of our house on the internet so that I can access them from my phone... and I love this house and want to show it off :)
Living rooom, side view

Josh and I at dinner for Mother's day with Mom, Dad, Brian, Amey, Jen, and Tab

View from the front door

Built in shelves in the living room

Dining room

Kitchen. Can't wait to repaint!

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Master Bath

Living room again

Babies in the pool :)

Pedi brag

I have to brag on my (I mean Kade and Ky's) pediatrician. I love him. :) The office we go to actully has two doctors and a NP that we see, and I truly like them all. I feel like they listen to me. But the one we see most often is just awesome. Kade had her 15 month old check up today, but has been running a fever for the last few days. I go into the office not knowing which doctor I'm going to get (they told me, I just forgot), and expecting to have to argue my way out of getting vaccines. This is where his awesomeness comes in. He automatically suggests no vaccines :) He also goes on to tell me that really, she's fine until 18 months :) :) I love his reasoning :) While he is being a complete fountain of information, spouting off important, non traditional information (cause who likes the traditional kind? DUH, I know not to let my baby near a pool unsupervised. Plus, they have a hand out for that), I decide to make a point to my dear old Hubby (he is only very slightly on the side of delayed vaccines). I asked Dr. Gilbert why it is recommended for newborns to recieve the Hep B vaccine... and was smiling for the next five minutes. He said he DOESN'T recommend that they get it, that his kids (he has five, his youngest turns one this week) don't get it as newborns, and that he really isn't sure WHY our hospital still recommends all newborns get it because the fact is, NOT ALL NEWBORNS NEED THE HEP B VACCINE. (DUH).
Later in the visit (I never feel like he's rushing), he gives me the option of putting Kaedrianna on an antibiotic. GASP! :) He did a strep test that came back negative, but her throat was very red and she had been very irritable. He said she could probably fight the infection off by herself, but that if it got worse I could bring her back in. We both felt like she didn't need the antibiotic at this point. I just love that he includes me in diagnosing her... because who knows her better than me?
I would have definitely stopped brasetfeeding Kyson as a newborn if not for him (and Dr Bell). Not once did either one suggest that I supplement with formula, even though Kyson was pretty jaundiced and it took us a while to clear it up. They are also great for returning phone calls after hours for questions and semi-emergencies.
The only negative thing is that they are about 35 minutes away from us. All other things are positive! They make raising my kiddos a whole lot less stressful!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good News :)

I feel like I always have good news! I am so blessed and favored :)

We are moving right along with the house. I know there could be a thousand and one hiccups in the plan, but for now everything is going smoothly. We are getting inspections and appraisals next week :) It makes me so nervous to not know exactly how everything is going to go in the next 6-8 weeks.
I have already started deciding on paint colors and furniture arrangements :)
If, for some reason, this house doesn't happen, I know God has another, better, home in store for us.

Kyson and Kaedrianna are as energetic as always. They keep me on my toes. To say the least. Kade is sleeping the whole night in her bed now! And Kyson spends the whole night in OUR bed... oh, the dreams of a three bedroom house!!

We had a baby yard sale this past weekend! We made a ton of money and still had a ton of baby items left over! I was very pleased with the whole weekend, but had no idea how much WORK it was going to be! We all got a little sun and some exercise to boot!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I think I might have too many things to blog about!

  • Mother's Day: incredibly sweet
  • My Birthday: pretty close to perfect
  • Placing a Bid on a House: CRAZY
  • Krishawnda's (little sister) JCCHS graduation = amazing :)
  • Day dreaming about actually moving into a new home this summer: equally amazing!!

I can not quite wrap my brain around just how great God is...

Thursday, May 3, 2012


The babies have a stomach virus! The past couple of days have been absolutely no fun! I have washed sheets, and washed sheets, and washed sheets!! I'm pretty sure my "good" sheets have lost their title. I am hoping and praying that this thing goes away super soon so we can get back to our normal routines!!

On a much more positive note, we have OFFICIALLY started house hunting :) :) :) :) We got a pre-qualification letter and have started working with a realtor to find our perfect (well...) home! I am so excited! Every time I find a house with all of our qualifications I start thinking "This is it! This is it!" but it always turns out to not to be. I know I am really just way too eager. I start thinking of it as our house before I even get to see the inside, lol. I am determined to wait on God's will for this new house of ours. I always pray in his will, that if we do find the house everything will go smooth, and if the houses that I like are not for us that he stops my hopes and dreams right away.  :) It makes for a much less stressful venture!

Kyson is so hilarious. He calls a biscuit a "sicket" and Sprite "fripe". He makes me smile and always brightens my day. And Kade can pretty much say anything you tell her to. She is addicted to telephones (fake ones, mostly) .She says "Hi Mama, hi Dada, hi Nana, hi Bubba, hi Tata, hi Papa" all day long and her face lights up when you repeat everything she says. She's such a precious little girl!

I don't think there is any other big news... Josh is enjoying his job.The babies are loving outside play time, especially in the sand box (the mosquitoes love Kade, poor thing). We are still cloth diapering, but Kade finished nursing about a month after she turned one. She was just too impatient to nurse, so it was super easy for her to wean herself. If the babies are any better by Saturday we might have a picnic somewhere, I know they would love it!

Monday, April 9, 2012

25 of the cutest Easter pictures ever!! :)

The Easter Bunny left surprises!!

And I think the babies were happy :)


Playing with her baby dolls, she was stingy and wouldn't share one with me!

Pretty girl!

That black furball is Mr. Fat Back.

She loved that huge pink basket!

SO grown up!

He loves holding his bunny.

He got tired of trying to hold the "cheese" face, lol.

He called it the big yellow egg. So funny, because he usually calls every color "geen".

Fancy lady :)

Our little family :)

She loved finding the eggs!

He had a HUGE basket of eggs! There were more than 400 eggs hidden in my parent's back yard!

Picking up a leaf instead of the egg, lol.

Trying to eat the eggs...

I love my sweet girl!

"I found another one!"


Sweet boy!