Monday, November 14, 2011

If I could only post from my phone!!

If I could figure out the glitch with my phone, where I could get on the internet on my Droid and post, I would have a new entry everyday! I have thought of a ton of different ideas to write about, but I am too busy (reads lazy), to get the laptop out of the back.

So, life is going on. Babies are getting bigger. Kade is HUGE. Ky is shrimpy. He hasn't hardly gained ANY weight in the last year :( But we're working on it. Kade still nurses every two hours during the day, and still isn't overly fond of baby food. She might eat the equivalent to one jar a day, but we break it into three meals. She scoots :) She hasn't even figured out that she can move around all over the room yet, lol, but move she does. I can sit her down facing one way with a pile of toys in front of her and 10 minutes later she is inches away from the kitchen, where I am! She has also started to pull up on things, which scares me to death, since she is non too sure on her feet! Kyson is as adorable and as funny as ever. He says EVERYTHING! Including several things that, at two, should not be part of his vocab (Nothing too bad, we're rated PG most of the time, lol. Bust I would like for him to be G). He is still in love with Mater, from Cars. He still loves loves loves to play outside. He is still sleeping with us (from 2am til morning).

And for now, that's it :) We're going to the circus tonight! Pics to come... maybe, lol.

Josh and i are both looking forward to the holidays :)

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