Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Pictures

Fixing to stuff the scarecrow!

My nephew Andrew trying to be the scarecrow!

Jonathon, Kyson, and Faith saying "cheese!".

Miss Reba Beeba, throwing the hay around.

He was definitely NOT overly fond of that scarecrow!

Daddy and Baby!

Mr. Ky

Amey and Kyson, best buddies for the moment :)

Katelynn Elizabeth

Not happy about sitting down next to the scarecrow.

My Dad helping someone carve a pumpkin!

Getting ready to pull out the gunk!

He refused to stick his hand in the pumpkin, and then wouldn't even touch the handful of seeds I had!

Bubble bath with lightening McQueen and Mater! I had to trick him out of the tub!

Fall Festival for the little kids.

My girly, cuddly MONSTER!

I never did get a good pic of them together!

Selena and Ky together!

Cora and Makayla as Cinderella's. Makayla said "She's my Mommy!"

My cute boy Monster!

Kieanna, not posing for a picture!

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