Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm sitting in my Mom's kitchen with the windows and doors open, listening to the leaves on the trees rustle. It is so peaceful at the moment! That definitely doesn't happen very often in this house! Mom went to take Doreese (closest sister to me in age) back to school. Promise (who is home schooled), Kayla (who's 5, but not in PreK), Becca (21 months), Kyson, Kade, and I have played all morning long! But at the moment they are almost all asleep :) The bus with the elementary schoolers gets here in about 45 minutes, but since it's FRIDAY, they won't have any home work! And that means that they can go directly outside to play :) :) And just as soon as Kyson wakes up, he will be BEGGING to join them, lol.

Life is still going great :) Josh is looking for another job, since the "raise" he got when he became a manager at McDonald's was... not what we expected, he's hoping to get something ASAP. Which I am all for, lol. Kade has a slight cold, AND TWO TEETH!! She is still one of the best babies ever. Kyson is on his way to becoming completely potty trained. If we're at our house, he uses the potty about 85% of the time, about 50% of the time when we're at Mom's house, but we haven't tackled the potty on the go yet, lol. I think he is too busy playing at his Nana's to bother with making a trip to the potty while he's there. He gets a sucker or some other small piece of candy every time he goes (if he askes for it). One day he went like 5 times in a row!! And of course thought he should have five suckers, lol. It has almost been TWO years since I had hime :/ I'm so sad that I can never get those days back, not that i regret them at all, it's just that I can never again cuddle with my newborn Ky again! He's so big now! He falls asleep in his own bed in his own room every night! He comes toddling through the house around 3 am every night to get in our bed though :) It's OK, because I get to wake up to him every morning. Most of the time it's with his little fingers on my face saying "tickle tickle tickle, Mommy!"

I wouldn't trade my life right now for ANYTHING. I am so incredibly blessed.

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  1. Staisha, I'm so happy for you. You deserve everything you want and so much more!