Friday, September 23, 2011


At the moment I am sitting on my Mom's computer, waiting on them to get back from the JCCHS footbal game. My brother Daivon is a running back (I think) for the team, John (another brother) and Kieanna (sis) are both in the band, and my little brother Robert gets to sit in the stands and play with the highschool band tonight (he's in the 8th grade). Needless to say, my parents were needed there tonight for support!! GO PANTHERS! I am babysitting all of the little kids, and they are all tucked away in their beds, the elementary schoolers already asleep, and the 3 middle school girls chattering (or arguing, more likely) in their room upstairs. Joshua came home from work and picked up our two littles to take them home for bed. I had already nursed Kaedrianna, and she was sleeping soundly in her PJ's already. Ky, on the other hand, had a fever (and some Tylenol), and wanted to go "watch a Mater" (he wanted to go watch the movie Cars, which he pretty much does every single night before going to sleep). I'm hoping that he just has a cold and gets over this fast! This is already the second time he's been sick since the weather started turning cooler! Boo for sick babies!!!!

We have quite a few activities planned over the next month. We are hopefully going back to Zoo Atlanta to meet Dora and Diego (and the tickets are discounted), to a pumpkin patch and corn maze, and we have Kyson's birthday party to plan! If anything was ever bittersweet... He will be two in exactly one month and I just want to cry my eyes out! I know, without a single doubt in m mind, that I will cry on his birthday. Just a warning. We are thinking about a Mater smash cake... but I really haven't planned much at all! He loves Toy Story also, and that could make for a great party... but I think he probably favors Cars more... who knows what it will be! I might just go generic blue, because he sure wont remember the party, and I can still make some great memories and get some great pictures (plus it would do wonders for our poor budget!!).

I really do have some cute pictures to upload... and (without promising) plan to get around to doing it very very soon! :)

On a slight side note, I want to brag a little on my sister Destinee! She got her own apartment this past week! I know how scary/frustrating your first place is, and I just want to let her know that I am VERY proud of her! Way to go little sis!

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