Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Fixing to head into the zoo!

Petting zoo, he barely touched it!

Looking at the flamingos.

Waiting on Nana...

Kisses from Daddy :)

Kayla Bayla, being silly. She is so camera shy!

Golden Delicious!

"I pick a apple!"

I love his face :)

Katelynn, not all too sure about that gigantic turkey! This was the first time any of us had seen a live turkey.

Lauren, one of the few seconds that she was not running away from the animals, lol.

Adorable calf! His tongues was rough, like a cat's!

hehehe :)

Katelynn, loving on a goat.

Rebekka, calling everything a "dog", lol.

Not all that afraid!

My sweet girl, with her Daddy again.

Red Rome?

First time climbing in a tree!

One minute he was running wild, the next he was knocked out!

Kade in her walker, outside next to the bonfire.

Spinach, anyone?

Eating a "mello", courtesy of Uncle Brian.

Des, straight in from Drill.

Always sweet :)

Mom and Dad :) Love them!

"Reece car teck!"

Ky always tries to climb up in my lap when I nurse Kade! Maybe he misses our snuggles as much as I do?

Kayla, Kade, Faith, Becca, and Ky.

7 year old Faith (almost 8) holding her 6 month old niece.

Kade looks bigger than her!

I bribed her with a cookie to let me take her picture :)

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