Friday, September 16, 2011


My, oh my, how time flies! It has been a very short 6 months! Kaedrianna is huge, sitting up, eating baby food (or rather, spitting baby food), sleeping in my bed (we knew that would happen eventually), still nursing every 2-3 hours, is in a size 12 months (at LEAST), has to have her hair put up everyday because her bangs get in her eyes otherwise, has not cut any teeth, and in general, is a wonderful wonderful blessing to us (and if that isn't a run-on sentence, I don't know what is, lol)! At the moment she is sitting in the floor, on a blanket with a pillow behind her, playing with toys. She looks up at me every couple of minutes and gives me a huge grin, and we play peek-a-boo behind the laptop :)

Kyson David is currently napping (on time, hooray!!). His cute self fell asleep while munching on a snack, sitting in Kade's pink bouncy seat, with his Wiggle Big Red Car house shoes on :) I'm so glad that once he is asleep he is ASLEEP. I washed his face and hands off and carried him to my bed without him waking up. He is talking in short sentences, still a little runty, still loves being outside, LOVES the movie Cars (and especially the character Mater), loves tractors, "beeg tucks" (big trucks), Nana's house, and cheese (just like his mama, we go through a LOT of cheese). He is pretty head strong and stubborn :) We went to an apple orchard this week and were trying to get a picture of him on a ladder in one of the trees. He just stared down, like "Haha! I'm not going to let you take a picture!" (I still got a cute one :)) But for the most part he is a sweet boy, giving his sissy kisses all day long, and being a good boy for the most part. I love stealing snuggles from him! Most of the time it's when he is watching TV, which is fine with me because then I can just hug him close, close my eyes and thank God for such wonderful kiddos.

I have tons of pics to upload! We went to Zoo Atlanta for Josh's 25th birthday, and then the Ellijay with Mom, Tab, and their kids, which also included an awesome petting zoo!

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