Thursday, August 18, 2011


A good day. A VERY good day J Josh got up with Kyson right around 7:30, and let Kade and I sleep in until 8. I got up, nursed Kade and then took off to CVS in Winder to search out some good deals. I ended up getting 4 packs of Huggies (112 diapers) for $4.50! They were on sale for $9 per pack, I had $9 in manufacturers coupons, $3 store coupon, $12 Extra Care Bucks (cash back on previous purchases, like Kohls Cash), and got a $10 gas card at the end of the transaction! It was a GREAT deal! Then I headed to the two thrift stores that were in town, but only ended up with more books for Kyson (we’re running out of room on his book shelf!). Josh and I decided to make a quick Publix run before nap time, and got $32 worth of groceries (after sales), for $11! Then Tab and I went to Kohls, and at the end of the transaction I ended up saving around 75% off of normal retail J I bought Kade CUTE fall outfits! Then Josh and I spent time reading and playing with the babies for a couple of hours. We ended up going to Mom’s house for dinner (surprise!) for meatloaf, fresh corn on the cob, steamed baby carrots, and green peas. I mostly skipped on the meatloaf, but Josh dug right in, it’s one of his favorites. We got a bit of news on baby Kaylee!! We have a visit (haven’t seen her since she was in the hospital) with her next week! I am so excited! Even if it doesn’t work out that we get to keep her, I will enjoy getting to hold her and cuddle her and snapping a picture or two J We had a home evaluation done this week, and I think it went well, but I’m still being a Debbie Downer in thinking that they aren’t going to let me have her because we are already a family of four living in a 2 bedroom home. Definitely still praying about it (and lots of other things, too). Brian (big brother) and his girl friend brought Kyson a Little Tykes basketball goal and a playhouse (the kind that’s elevated off of the ground with a slide). He of course LOVED them both. Then Josh and I escaped the slight chaos of Mom’s house (she was painting at our church). We gave the babies baths, settled them in their “jommers”, and watched The Princess and the Frog. Ky fell aslepp in the middle, snuggled up next to me J

My babies are growing up L Kaedrianna sat up by herself for a full minute today, and Kyson said “Want some! Please?” (referring to my ice cream) without being prompted. UGH. I don’t know if I’m normal or not, but it is almost depressing to see them growing up so fast! Gone are their newborn days, when I was nursing Ky ALL night, and sitting up for an extra 20 minutes to let Kade’s milk digest so she wouldn’t spit it all back up. I MISS them being tiny babies. BUT, I take a deep breath and look at them now, and my heart swells with love for the perfect kiddos that they are. I wouldn’t change a thing. I am blessed in so many ways, and I thank the Lord every single day (more like every single hour) that he has blessed me with such a wonderful family. Big and little.

 I let my thought ramble tonight, and refuse to edit. Not that I would necessarily edit the content, but the grammar isn’t so great tonight J

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