Thursday, August 18, 2011

My cute babies!

Hehehe :)

Ky is giving his sissy her toys, lol. ALL of them!

Now he is using his keys to try and crank her back, lol. He was gentle, at least.

My adorable, slobbering, teething baby girl!

Concentrating on the camera.

Happpppy :)

Ky trying to cuddle her. He says "Hehb-bies!" when he tries to hold her!

Saying cheese for the camera, drinking chocolate milk.

Grabbing her toes, trying to figure out why I'm making silly faces.

I forgot what he was doing, probably saying "Mamaaa!!" :)

Trying to hide behind his sippy (which we still call a "baba").

She has a ginormously long tongue! And has figured out how to sit up in her bouncy seat :)

She is such a happy, smiley baby. SUCH a delight!

Trying to take off his diaper :/

Smiling at me from across the room, all bundled up and sleepy.


She looks prim and proper, lol. Found this chair at Goodwill for $5 :) Ky loved it more than she does at this point.

Joshua playing with Kade, being a good daddy, as always.

Can you guess what he just did?!?! Peed in the POTTY!! :)

Precious baby girl, bundled after a bath. *sigh* I sure do love her.

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