Friday, August 5, 2011

babysitting galore!

My Mom is out of town! Which means that I am on babysitting duty full time (pretty much) until laaate Saturday night. Boo. I truly do love love love this big, huge family of mine, but I like them the most when I get them in doses that I control (I can't really say small doses, because I'm down at mom's all the time and even live next door, but going home to a quiet-ish house when you want is a BIG deal!). Everyone has been very well behaved (yes, all 19 of them), no major issues what so ever :) That makes for a VERY happy babysitter. Now I'm looking forward to going home tonight, while my older brother Brian takes control of Mom's house, and then waking up to homemade cinnamon rolls on Saturday morning!

News On Baby Kaylee

The newborn baby girl that was in my last post is still in Foster Care. I am scheduled to have a home evaluation in less than two weeks. BUT, being that I live in a two bedroom house and already have two small children, I don't have very much hope that it will be approved. We're still praying about the situation.

Kyson adores cherries! Fresh AND canned. He especially loves them when they are connected to our home made, no-bake cheesecake! Which I actually just scooped him up, saving him from falling face first into a piece of, as he was skillfully bobbing his head, trying to skip his daily nap!! His verbal skills are still improving rapidly. He's talking in full sentences now. "My turn!" is one of his favorite things to say, even when it's not really his turn. Kaedrianna is such a blessing to us. She makes my day better every time she flashes her toothless grin. They haven't been sleeping quite as well down at mom's house, which is another reason I'm looking forward to going home tonight.

This young, exhausted mother is definitely looking forward to some R&R this next week!

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