Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life is so unfair...

Life is so incredibly unfair sometimes... I know a mother who lost her baby less than 48 hours after giving birth. The baby didn't die, but rather, got stripped from it's mother's life. Yes, she has made more than a few mistakes. Yes, it was obvious that she is not very well educated. BUT, she had a place to live, and a way to provide for her baby. I have no idea how in the world our government thinks it has the right to judge her to the point of not even giving her a chance to try and raise her baby. And then to top things off, I and two other completely capable parental prospects went to the hospital with the purpose of giving this mother (who is a distant family member) the choice of giving one of us custody of her baby (which is what she wanted to happen, given the circumstances), and while the three of us were sitting in the room with her the case worker went and had a judge sign the baby over into temporary emergency placement with the state. Which means that the baby is now in foster care. It was AGAINST THE LAW for her to do that. If a capable family member is wanting and willing to take custody of the baby, it is AGAINST THE LAW for the case worker to deny us. I am so frustrated right now. I fully intend to write congress about this. And while I don't have very much faith (dfcs has already proven how unfair they are, and how they don't follow rules (or rather LAWS)), I'm making a trip to their office sometime tomorrow to try and figure something out. I would greatly appreciate for everyone to join me in prayer over this. I want God's will in my life over any of my own wants and desires, and while I can never know how He will make things happen, at this time I feel like he is leading me to find placement for this baby girl within our family. I'll be sure to update soon.

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