Saturday, July 23, 2011

I miss having time to blog!

This might be the very first time since I started this blog that I can say that I miss writing on it. I truly do. This is kind of like my self therapy. I get to write down all of the awesomely blessed things in my life, and put a witty twist on the few and far between crappy things. I wish I could make myself sit down every other day and type for an hour. BUT with laundry ALWAYS piling up (especially because Kyson demands to feed himself, and Kade thinks it's  her job to poo in her bouncy every morning, while still in a sposie, which means poo goes everywhere! glad we splurged on a good one, b/c that thing has been washed a dozen times if one), nursing Kade, and battling Kyson pretty much all day, I feel guilty when I sit down. Tonight is one of those rare nights when everything just magically falls into place. Babies were in bed at 8:30 and 9:30, Josh got home on time, and I paid Promise to come straighten my house up (   :)   ).

I am SUPER looking forward to shopping at CVS tomorrow morning... they have a LOT of good deals that we really need this week. I hoping to come out making about $2! But that will only happen if they have everything in stock when I get there! Which, if I can drag myself up out of bed on the one day that my awesome hubby lets me sleep in, will be when the doors open at 7:30... we will see, I really am going to try my best.

Life is speeding by. Kyson was 21months today, and Kade is 4 months 2 weeks 2 days :) I count my blessings every single day when it comes to those two kiddos of mine. I don't think anything in this world could even come close to making me as happy as those two make me!

Kyson David is a handful... to say the VERY least. He likes getting his way.

Kaedrianna Danielle is an angel. Ask anyone. Best baby ever award.

Josh is becoming a manager at Mickey D's... not what either one of us was hoping for, but at least he's moving forward. Hoping on becoming a salary manager before too long (we have to at least reach this point before we could possibly swing buying our first home). Praying for God's will over anything else, but praying hard for our first home to come sooner rather than later!!!

Camping this year was awesome! rain included, we made a ton of memories and had lots of fun... Josh and I came in 3rd in the three legged race :)

I've taken lots of pics that will be up soon!

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