Wednesday, May 18, 2011


As Kade has gotten older things have gotten just a tad bit more hectic around here :) She likes to be held, LOVES to be talked to, but is a complete angel otherwise. Seriously, she definitely gets the "Best Baby Ever" award! She's sleeping anywhere from 6-9 hour stretches at night (abt 50/50), nurses in bed with me and goes right back to sleep (I lay her back in her bed about 1/2 the time). She nurses like a champ, just about every 2 hours, sometimes she goes 3! A swaddle baby, she is! She coos and smiles, and has great head control. At her last doctor's appointment she was in the 75th % for weight and 90th for length, while Kyson is super skinny (like 10th %) and about average for height (55th%). He's talking up a storm! Josh and I took Kade and Kyson (along with Tab and her two) to a strawberry patch to pick berries and he figured out how to say "strawberry". Josh got an incredibly funny video on his phone of him saying it, but he hasn't figured out how to upload it yet. And we got some decent pictures too, but I have lost my camera cord yet again. I really miss my laptop!!

We're scheduled for the beach super soon!!!!! I can't wait to see how Kyson reacts to the ocean, it's his (and of course Kade's, too) first trip to the beach. I need to start our packing list, so that I can think through everything and get organized!

uploading pics as soon as I fine that missing cord!

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