Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I always forget that I can post from my phone! We are in the car, an hour into our 6+ hour drive home from the beach. Bitter sweet. Our vacation was absolutely incredible, and we weren't quite ready to leave, but I am ready to get back to our King sized bed!! Kyson has had SO much fun! He loved the sand, loved the water, loved the kiddie pool, and LOVED his first ice cream cone! Chocolate Ben & Jerry's :) Miss Kaedrianna has been her sweet self the whole time. Sleeping through the night, laughing and cooing, smiling when anyone talks to her. She looked completely adorable in her swimsuit (she was almost too long for it). Josh and I both avoided getting sun burned, woo hoo! Josh got on the water slides at the resort, and floated in their lazy river. My favorite thing was to just sit on the balcony, enjoying the breeze and the view. It was an incredibly relaxing vacation... More details to come! (pics too)

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