Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Excuses excuses!

I have tons of them. But my latest is that I am currently stealing (shhh!) internet from my sister who lives next door, and lately it been SUPER slow. I think the storm we had a few nights ago might have something to do it with it.

The biggest news lately is that Ky is sick (surprised? I thought not). The doctor said that his throat was red and his lungs didn't sound all that great, so she prescribed an antibiotic in hopes of nipping any infection in the bud. I told her that he seemed to be always sick, she told me to give him a vitamin and make sure that he got plenty of pro biotics as well. I'm hoping that this warm weather will bring my old happy, chunky Kyson back to me! He hasn't lost weight since his well visit on the 10th of this month like I thought he had, he was actually 3 oz heavier, even after all the diarrhea we've been dealing with! Besides being a total grouch and not eating very well, he's learning and exploring lots of new things! At the doctor's office there was a canvas that had the ABC's on it with pictures... I pointed to the monkey and Ky said "ooh ooh ah ah!" He was too cute for me not to squeeze him, which of course made him push away and frown at me :)

Kaedrianna is my angel baby as always! She's so good that I have to make sure to take time out to cuddle her, because although I love and adore this sweet baby of mine, she plays wonderfully well in her bouncy seat or laying under her mobile, or swinging in her swing. I move her from one to the other and get the house clean and take care of Kyson and she is left to be nursed, kissed, hugged and then semi-abandoned (doesn't that make me sound like a wonderful mother? :)) If she is dry, full, and comfy, she is a very content baby, which is actually in some ways harder than a demanding baby (Ky's category for sure, lol).

Anyway, life in general is wonderful. Joshua is still looking for a job, and actually has another interview for a probation officer tomorrow morning. Pray with me that he is offered the position!! That's the key to us moving on in our life plans :) At least we're in an awesome place to be stuck!!

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