Monday, April 25, 2011

Part three!

I ended up asking for pain medicine in the IV (Stadol, I think) right around 11:30, before the nurse left the room. That stuff makes you WOOZY! As I lay on the bed, definitely still feeling the contractions, even though they were most positively less intense, I faintly remember telling my mom to shut up, lol. Stadol also fades pretty quickly, in my opinion. I was fine for a few minutes, but then those dreadful contractions started up again, as intense as ever! I was still half way wishy washy on the epidural, I WANTED the pain to go away, but did not want to deal with all of the possible complications/side effects of the epidural. I went ahead and told Josh to call the nurse and ask for it, and then got mad at him for sounding like... I don't know exactly what he sounded like, but I know I definitely didn't like how he said it, lol. When the nurse came in, I told her I was feeling something close to pressure, though not exactly that. She decided to check me (finally!) and said I was at 8 centimeteers. I don't actually remember her saying that, but Josh swears she did.

Here comes the fun part!

 She called for anesthesiology, and then Josh and my Aunt Tanya went to the waiting room, as I had opted for Mom to be in the room for the epidural (besides the fact that I wanted my mommy, lol, Josh isn't so good with needles and blood). I sat up on the bed and IMMEDIATELY felt an insane urge to push! This was the most insane part of the whole delivery. I faintly remember the nurse telling me to pant like a dog? And also that it didn't help much, lol. At this point I WANTED the epidural... badly. Everything was happening so incredibly fast!

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