Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kade's Birth Story (part two)!

As soon as the nurse told me that I was dilated 4 I told Josh to call my Mom. Kyson's labor lasted 6 hours from the start of Pitocin to birth and I started at two centimeters, so I figured (hoped and prayed) that this time things would go a little quicker. Of course Mom thought that Josh was kidding and didn't believe him! I had to get on the phone with her before she realized that she might want to head on to the hospital, lol.

After that the nurse started asking the bazillion questions they ask you, and tried (unsuccessfully) to get an IV started. After 3 bruises on my left arm, she called in another nurse and that one got it the first try on my right arm. She was just starting the Pitocin when my OB came in, right around 9:00. He broke my water, and a couple minutes later my contractions started!

My Mom and one of my aunts got to the hospital around 9:30, and contractions still weren't horrible. We chatted with the nurse, I answered more questions, texted one of my older sisters, everything was relatively calm. The nurse was coming in in 30 minute intervals to up the pitocin, and when she changed it at 11:30 my contractions were pretty strong. I wanted the epidural, but was trying to wait as long as I possibly could, so that I wouldn't have a risk of stalling my labor (which can sometimes happen when you get it too early). I asked the nurse to check me, but she wanted to wait until noon. I'm sure she was thinking that since I wasn't howling in pain that I probably hadn't dilated very much more. Well, I told myself that I could make it until noon, then when she checked me, if I was 6cm or more that I would let myself get the Epi. Needless to say that plan didn't come to fruition!

More to come :)

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