Saturday, March 5, 2011

she's coming SOON!

Baby Kaedrianna Danielle Matthews is set to make her appearance in somewhere around 48 hours. I can't believe that the little girl that is squirming and kicking around inside of me will be in my arms in just two days... it really is mind boggling. It's what you dream of your whole pregnancy, but when the time comes, you just can't quite believe that you are so incredibly blessed to be given such a precious gift.

We have tentative plans for who is watching Kyson while we're at the hospital, but the best plan with a 16 month old is to just play it by ear. I love living so close to all of my family (most of the time), they're always there when I need them (and sometimes when I don't). I feel totally confident that Kyson will be a happy camper while he's staying with his aunts and grandparents... I know they love him almost as much as I do! :)

The next post will probably be tales of the birth, so if you're squeamish it might be best to skip over the next week or so of my blogging! I have actually debated with myself whether or not to post anything of that nature, but then I remembered the reason that I started this blog: to be able to go back and relive all of the moments that time fades away from your memory. Kyson is only 16 months old and I can't remember all of the details of his birth and the few weeks after... I don't want to remember just bits and pieces of my kids newborn days, I want to remember it ALL... even the up-all-night-crying parts! :)

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