Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snowed in... kind of

We definitely did get some winter weather! We got somewhere close to 6 inches of snow, and then some ice on top of that. Joshua had to drive to work yesterday morning... He was probably one of the first people out on the roads around here, but he just had to drive about 5 minutes away. This morning he ventured out to pick up some Cracker Barrel (and surprised me with a Mocha, too). He truly is a keeper! :) The roads are still really icy, apparently. He is also supposed to go deliver Chinese food from 4-9 tonight, and I know that the restaurant is open today (it wasn't yesterday), but I'm not sure if he will actually go or not.We took Ky outside for a few minutes yesterday, but he was less than thrilled. I quite agreed with him!

Josh and Kyson are in the living room floor playing with a Mega Blocks race track, and I REALLY REALLY wish I could find my camera! They are being too cute! I didn't get any good pics of him in the snow either :( I have looked everywhere for it! I'm really hoping that Ky hasn't thrown it in the trash can, and it will show up in another, safer, random spot. If I ever find it, I got some really cute pics of him playing in the bathtub with a million toys :)

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