Sunday, January 9, 2011


Apparently we are supposed to have some winter weather here in Georgia over the next day or so... Yay? While I think it will probably be exciting if Josh happens to get a day off work, I'm not necessarily looking forward to the possibility of losing power... and who goes out in the snow? I would much rather be in my warm house, watching from a window. BUT, the last time it snowed it was late at night, and I didn't take Ky out to play, and this time, especially if his daddy is home, I know we will at least spend a few minutes out there. Hopefully I can manage to get a few good pictures!

The family (meaning the "big" family) is pretty excited about the possibility of new kids :) At this point it's just a slight possibility, and we don't know any details yet, but I'm hoping and praying that everything falls into place...

Ky is cutting more teeth, I think. Runny nose, a little crabby, slight fever... at least I'm hoping it's just teething, and not another cold!

Josh and I are talking about the possibility of buying a trailer... DEFINITELY not what was originally in our hopes and dreams, but he can't seem to find a job, and our family is growing too fast to stay where we are now. I think it's a better alternative to renting an apartment somewhere. The plan would be to pay it off sooner rather than later, our credit would be better established, and when we go to buy our first house we can get a better interest rate, and we will be more mature financially. Just a little dreaming, definitely nothing set in stone!

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