Saturday, January 8, 2011

shopping lists

My doctor is talking about a possible induction at 39 weeks 1 day... that leaves 8 weeks 1 day left before baby Kade will be here! We're not sure whether or not we will actually DO the induction, and although I say that now, I know how miserable I felt at the end of Kyson's pregnancy. I was oh so grateful to be able to meet him 10 days before his estimated due date.

SO! 57 days left, and we are pretty unprepared (well, as unprepared as you can be when you already have a 14 month old). Last week we picked up a pink bouncer seat and new diaper bag. It's a girly one, and we went ahead and moved Ky to a "big boy" diaper bag... a "quick tripper" which will hold a travel wipes case, an outfit with socks, and one FuzziBunz cloth diaper... really, we could use enough room for one more diaper in there, since whenever I do go out, I try to make it a multi-purpose outing and am usually gone half a day.

If I can ever get motivated to go get a shower, I have planned to go out shopping today :) We need girly blankets... LOTS, since I am a blanket user. I hate dirty blankets and my little babies will always be wrapped up in one (or two). We have no girly bibs, no girly socks, no girly onsies, no girly hats (I'm also a stickler for hats on newborns... probably thanks to my Granny Mauldin). I've picked up one pink/ladybug boppy cover from a consignment store, and I'll probably stop there, since really, I can't even remember how often I used our boppy with Ky. We also need a couple of paci's, and some disposable diapers (just for the first few weeks, after that it's into cloth she goes :)), we need a car seat head rest (pink of course)... and pink cradle bedding. The list goes on, I'm sure, and I will probably split this trip into several different outings over the next couple of days. I'm not what you would call a "shopper", and a pregnant me is even less inclined to walk around and make decisions all day long... that's just plain exhausting to me!!

Oh, and I haven't bought ANY pink cloth diapers yet!!

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