Friday, January 28, 2011


While I really want to make this post into a pity party, I wont. I know that what I'm doing is working towards the goal of getting baby Kade here happy, healthy, and in MY arms... not some NICU nurses! I'm really hoping that after my next OB apt in a few days I'll be off restrictions though :) 6 weeks 2 days until my estimated due date, 5 weeks 3 days (38 DAYS!!!) until our possible induction. I know that I'm going to want to induce on that day, even though it scares me to think that Kaedrianna needs to come in her own time... I'll fight that battle with myself closer to when the time comes!

The big positive of being on bedrest is that I have TONS of time to research what we still need to get for Kaedrianna... and the list is not NEAR as long as it used to be :)

-10 newborn cloth diapers
-10 FB OS cloth diapers
-2 more packs of 7th generation size nb disposables for the first few weeks
- a couple of value size boxes of wipes
-cradle bedding
-and hopefully we can find a few more cotton, footed nb sleepers
- a white basket with a pink liner to go on top of her "dresser" to hold various odds and ends that are needed for newborns

THAT'S IT! :) I have gotten together enough hats, socks, blankets, bibs, sleepers, gowns, and paci's :) the vast majority of them PINK :)

Now, another list that just seems to keep growing and growing is the "TO-DO" list. The hardest thing about it is that we have to wait until we get our taxes back to complete most of it!

-Screen in the front porch!! This is really at the top of the list. Kyson's toys are absolutely overflowing this tiny trailer... my kitchen table has been evicted in favor of a play room! I would really like for it to be completed before Kade gets here, but I have to depend on my Dad and Josh to both take off work to get it done!
-Deep clean the carpets and the couch... it's been a while!
- Fix all of the nail holes and dings in the wall (Josh!)
- Wash all of the new baby things
- Have new flooring installed in the kitchen (Vinyl)
-Wash the car seat cover, and get the base installed in the car... probably one of the last things we'll do.
- Deep clean the whole house! Dusting, sweeping, moping, organizing, bleaching... all of the bedding washed, all of the odds and ends picked up... I will gladly turn this one over to one of my sisters! :) THAT is a definite plus of being on bed rest! 
-Get the PT detailed... we had it done before Ky was born, and I LOVED it! We will definitely be going to the same place again!

And I'm sure I've forgotten something in there! The countdown has definitely started, can't wait to meet my FULL TERM baby girl!!

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