Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! We've all had a wonderful, family filled day around here. We did our holiday dinner yesterday, along with our adult gift giving (We do a drawing where each person gets one person something, I got a new UGA hoodie :)) I'm very thankful that a certain little bundle of joy was born so long ago, and that we all get to celebrate him today! Thank you lord, for my salvation :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Josh got a job!! He is now a Correctional Officer at the Lee Arrendale State Prison in Alto, Ga! :) He starts this coming Friday at 8:00 am :) This post very might well be filled with smiley faces! Every time I start to get grumpy with something Josh is doing (making Kyson wild and excited 15 minutes before bed time) he gives me this wide eyed innocent look and exclaims that he now HAS A JOB! LOL it makes me smiley and happy every time :) I feel like we can finally move on with our lives! We’re not stuck anymore! We’re really REALLY hoping that his salary is going to be enough to get us situated in our first home. If not, that means I will have to get a part time job to help out, just until we can get a house, and then I get to go back to staying at home with our kiddos. I refuse to stop nursing Kaedrianna, so I will have to wait until at least March to get a job, and that probably means that we will have to wait 6 months from March to possibly get a loan for a house… so hopefully, the bank will approve us with just Josh’s income, since he starts this month (if any of that made since)!
I am so incredibly proud of my wonderful husband :) He is an incredible father, husband, provider, best friend, and so much more! He has always had a lot on his plate, and has come through it all as a wonderful, strong, Christian man. I love him with all of my heart!
Kade is crawling! Her favorite toy is our Christmas tree:)J She has started to whine when she isn’t happy, and it strongly resembles a lonely puppy, lol.  We just went for a well (even though she had a cold) checkup yesterday and she was 19 lbs 2 oz :) Chunky girl! She got a vaccine and announced as healthy as can be!
Kyken (what I call him half the time, idk why) is still a doll baby. He makes me laugh all day long. In the pics that are going to follow this post (hopefully) I promised him he could have a candy cane off of the Christmas tree if he would say cheese for the camera. He did very well. The next morning I looked over into the living room and he had swiped another one and was attempting to open it! When he figured out he was caught his eyes got big and started darting around the room. He sucked in a breath and then asked, “Where’s the camera at, Mommy?”! Oh my, I laughed so hard! It was a great start to the morning :)
Ky and his cousin Lauren are currently sitting on the couch watching Rio while Kaedrianna takes a nap… having family so close by is the biggest perk of still living in this trailer! And it is probably the only thing that is making it bearable, in fact. I can’t WAIT to get into our OWN, bigger, space!

Thank you, God, for answering my prayers and blessing me with a wonderful, healthy family, a wonderful relationship with my husband, and now for one of my biggest desires… a chance to own our first home :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

I only bought the copyrights to those three images, but the photo shoot went really well :)

Christmas Pictures :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today, I am all smiles! I get to be with family all day long (except that Josh has to work from 6am-2pm), eat a TON of good food (without too much guilt), and just enjoy the day! The babies are up, fed, dressed, and happy! Ky is glued to Toy Story, and Kade is laying on the floor with her baby brush to occupy her. She would much rather have a random object than a toy! For now I am staying away from the fray at Mom's house. Adding my two babies to the chaos is not a balance to my help in the kitchen (ha!). So for the next 2-3 hours I get to chill with my wonderful two babies while a turkey sits in my oven (there are never enough stoves around here to cook everything that needs to be cooked!).

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. Colossians 3:15-17

I've been trying to read my Bible every day, and it astounds me at all the wealth I was missing before hand. Somehow, until just recently, I missed the fact that I can read THE WORD OF GOD. Did you grasp that? THE WORD OF GOD! How awesome is that? I accepted the gift of Christ's death and resurrection when I was in Middle School, but I love how I can grow spiritually every day by reading my Bible :) I love my God, and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so very thankful for all of the blessings I have in my life! Everything is better with God close to your heart! <3

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

If I could only post from my phone!!

If I could figure out the glitch with my phone, where I could get on the internet on my Droid and post, I would have a new entry everyday! I have thought of a ton of different ideas to write about, but I am too busy (reads lazy), to get the laptop out of the back.

So, life is going on. Babies are getting bigger. Kade is HUGE. Ky is shrimpy. He hasn't hardly gained ANY weight in the last year :( But we're working on it. Kade still nurses every two hours during the day, and still isn't overly fond of baby food. She might eat the equivalent to one jar a day, but we break it into three meals. She scoots :) She hasn't even figured out that she can move around all over the room yet, lol, but move she does. I can sit her down facing one way with a pile of toys in front of her and 10 minutes later she is inches away from the kitchen, where I am! She has also started to pull up on things, which scares me to death, since she is non too sure on her feet! Kyson is as adorable and as funny as ever. He says EVERYTHING! Including several things that, at two, should not be part of his vocab (Nothing too bad, we're rated PG most of the time, lol. Bust I would like for him to be G). He is still in love with Mater, from Cars. He still loves loves loves to play outside. He is still sleeping with us (from 2am til morning).

And for now, that's it :) We're going to the circus tonight! Pics to come... maybe, lol.

Josh and i are both looking forward to the holidays :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Pictures

Fixing to stuff the scarecrow!

My nephew Andrew trying to be the scarecrow!

Jonathon, Kyson, and Faith saying "cheese!".

Miss Reba Beeba, throwing the hay around.

He was definitely NOT overly fond of that scarecrow!

Daddy and Baby!

Mr. Ky

Amey and Kyson, best buddies for the moment :)

Katelynn Elizabeth

Not happy about sitting down next to the scarecrow.

My Dad helping someone carve a pumpkin!

Getting ready to pull out the gunk!

He refused to stick his hand in the pumpkin, and then wouldn't even touch the handful of seeds I had!

Bubble bath with lightening McQueen and Mater! I had to trick him out of the tub!

Fall Festival for the little kids.

My girly, cuddly MONSTER!

I never did get a good pic of them together!

Selena and Ky together!

Cora and Makayla as Cinderella's. Makayla said "She's my Mommy!"

My cute boy Monster!

Kieanna, not posing for a picture!

Busy, busy, busy!

The last week or two have been crammed with fall activities! We've stuffed scare crows, carved pumpkins, went through a corn maze, trick-or-treated, and Ky's two year birthday party is over and done with! I only got slightly teary eyed as we sang happy birthday to him, and then he sang it to himself and made me smile to help clear my eyes :) The promised pictures are coming!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

4 days away!

Kyson David will be TWO YEARS OLD in just 4 more days! I'm excited and very sad. He's growing up, becoming his own little person, discovering new things, and understands so much now! I just love him to pieces! He is in desperate need of a haircut at the moment :) Shaggy baby, lol. He has quite the temper, which we're working on... Parenting is hard sometimes! We did decide to go with a Cars themed party! I bought a Lightening McQueen shaped cake pan, but it's really not that great and was a waste of money, pretty much. Then Mom tried a coconut cake decorated like a road and grass with two toy cars on it, but that was a bust too. Now I'm trying my hand at a Tow Mater cake, and I actually think it's going to work! If I manage to pull it off I will be very very proud of myself :) Tab is supposed to try her hand at Mater cupcakes too! I can't wait to see Kyson's face this Saturday :) I can ask him how old he is and he'll hold up his fingers (one, two, four or five randomly) and say "Two!". He also "sings" the Happy Birthday song to himself :) Both of my babies are sleeping at the moment, which doesn't happen but MAYBE once a week, and I just sent Joshua to Publix to pick up a couple of things that I need to finish decorating the trial cake. So I have the house all to myself for a few moments. Woo hoo? I've really never needed  a lot of "me" time. I'm sure it has something to do with growing up with so many brothers and sisters. When Josh and I first moved away to Carrollton (2 hours from home) I was completely miserable and lonely. I said I would never move that far away from my family again, but now that we've been back for more than two years, I am ready for an adventure and to be away again, lol. Which reminds me!! Josh goes for the physical fitness test for a correctional officer in Alto, Ga in a few week! Hoping and praying he gets it! I should probably stop typing and go clean house, since at the moment it is an absolute wreck!! :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm sitting in my Mom's kitchen with the windows and doors open, listening to the leaves on the trees rustle. It is so peaceful at the moment! That definitely doesn't happen very often in this house! Mom went to take Doreese (closest sister to me in age) back to school. Promise (who is home schooled), Kayla (who's 5, but not in PreK), Becca (21 months), Kyson, Kade, and I have played all morning long! But at the moment they are almost all asleep :) The bus with the elementary schoolers gets here in about 45 minutes, but since it's FRIDAY, they won't have any home work! And that means that they can go directly outside to play :) :) And just as soon as Kyson wakes up, he will be BEGGING to join them, lol.

Life is still going great :) Josh is looking for another job, since the "raise" he got when he became a manager at McDonald's was... not what we expected, he's hoping to get something ASAP. Which I am all for, lol. Kade has a slight cold, AND TWO TEETH!! She is still one of the best babies ever. Kyson is on his way to becoming completely potty trained. If we're at our house, he uses the potty about 85% of the time, about 50% of the time when we're at Mom's house, but we haven't tackled the potty on the go yet, lol. I think he is too busy playing at his Nana's to bother with making a trip to the potty while he's there. He gets a sucker or some other small piece of candy every time he goes (if he askes for it). One day he went like 5 times in a row!! And of course thought he should have five suckers, lol. It has almost been TWO years since I had hime :/ I'm so sad that I can never get those days back, not that i regret them at all, it's just that I can never again cuddle with my newborn Ky again! He's so big now! He falls asleep in his own bed in his own room every night! He comes toddling through the house around 3 am every night to get in our bed though :) It's OK, because I get to wake up to him every morning. Most of the time it's with his little fingers on my face saying "tickle tickle tickle, Mommy!"

I wouldn't trade my life right now for ANYTHING. I am so incredibly blessed.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Fixing to head into the zoo!

Petting zoo, he barely touched it!

Looking at the flamingos.

Waiting on Nana...

Kisses from Daddy :)

Kayla Bayla, being silly. She is so camera shy!

Golden Delicious!

"I pick a apple!"

I love his face :)

Katelynn, not all too sure about that gigantic turkey! This was the first time any of us had seen a live turkey.

Lauren, one of the few seconds that she was not running away from the animals, lol.

Adorable calf! His tongues was rough, like a cat's!

hehehe :)

Katelynn, loving on a goat.

Rebekka, calling everything a "dog", lol.

Not all that afraid!

My sweet girl, with her Daddy again.

Red Rome?

First time climbing in a tree!

One minute he was running wild, the next he was knocked out!

Kade in her walker, outside next to the bonfire.

Spinach, anyone?

Eating a "mello", courtesy of Uncle Brian.

Des, straight in from Drill.

Always sweet :)

Mom and Dad :) Love them!

"Reece car teck!"

Ky always tries to climb up in my lap when I nurse Kade! Maybe he misses our snuggles as much as I do?

Kayla, Kade, Faith, Becca, and Ky.

7 year old Faith (almost 8) holding her 6 month old niece.

Kade looks bigger than her!

I bribed her with a cookie to let me take her picture :)