Monday, December 27, 2010


I've sat down to blog two or three different times in the last day or so, but then I usually remember something that I was supposed to do (as I type this, I just remembered that I need to go start washing Kyson's diapers!). I'm just going to brave through this post though, and hopefully I'll remember to start them when I get up, lol.

My Christmas this year was wonderful. I am so thankful for my life. And my salvation. I couldn't ask for anything to be more perfect than what it already is. I know that in the future Josh and I will surely have our ups and downs, and that not every day will be a perfect day, but it just amazes me how truly blessed we are.

We spent pretty much the whole of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Mom's house. Although the norm down there can at least be considered slightly chaotic, we made some good memories. Mom made the first snowball coconut cake we've ever had :) We played board games, watched It's a Wonderful Life, and I watched the kids play Just Dance (my ever growing belly makes me too wobbly to attempt it this year). Kyson was a doll, as always, even though he had a fever from what I think was probably just teething. He danced to every bit of music, LOVED his new vacuum that his Aunt GiGi got him, and ate way way too many sweets.

On Christmas morning Santa had sat all of his big presents up on the couch (all of them were opened and all had new batteries in them)  and he had a BLAST going from toy to toy pressing buttons and dancing to music. He was such  joy to watch! We tried to get him interested in opening the gifts under the tree, but there were too many other toys for him to get distracted by. Then we let him have his first candy cane, after he ate some yogurt and peaches, and then walked down to mom's house. It was pretty close to a perfect day!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Just thought I would take the time to brag on Kyson a little :) He's such a delightful kiddo!

At the moment he is sucking on an empty cup, lol. I think he wants there to be more tea in it! Wishful thinking on his part, because it is currently 15 minutes until 8:00, and the two-ish ounces that were in there is ALL he is getting! When I refill the sippy with water in a minute, he wont be a happy camper :)

We had Chinese food for dinner tonight... string bean chicken, and it was yum-my!! The green beans in it were fresh, and just lightly sauteed though, so they were a bit crunchy for him to handle. He accidentally let one of the partially chewed beans fall out of his mouth, and when I went to tell him no-no (it fell on the carpet) he just swooped it up and into his mouth with a smile. Stinker baby.

He walks around the house finding pacifiers and sticks them in, then comes grinning to me because he knows I don't let him have one unless it's nap/bed time.

This past week I have heard "What's that?" one hundred bazillion times from him... and I can't wait to hear it a hundred billion more! If he really wants the item, he just keeps saying "what's that?" over and over :)

I can ask him "Where's your baby monkey?" and he goes around the house trying to find it. His "baby monkey" is one of two sock monkeys that he gives unlimited kisses to willingly... soo cute!

He loves dumping the WHOLE container of Mega Blocks out in the floor, especially if the said container is sitting on the couch or TV stand... the blocks make a louder crashing sound that way.

He brings me his Weeble Wobbles just to hear me sing the theme song :) which I happily do to see that wonderful smile on his face!

He doesn't wake up for a bottle at night anymore :) Although, he does still wake up to come and snuggle with his mommy and daddy :) :)

When asked if he wants more of something, he smiles and shakes his head "yes". I don't really know why, but it makes me smile EVERY time I see him do it... he's just cute.

If he doesn't want to eat something, he still might take a bite of it... just be prepared for it come right back out of his mouth, lol. I've learned when trying new things to always have a napkin ready!

He walks around the house with a mini clothes basket on his head... and thinks himself hilarious.

If he's hungry, and I don't get him something to eat fast enough, he will go to the food cabinet and pick out what he wants to eat! I laughed for five straight minutes the first time he did this. He wanted peaches.

He is a very cute, very spoiled, very loved 13 1/2 month old :) And I wouldn't change a thing!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A bigger bed...

In three days we will be the owners of a KING SIZED BED! Yay! Right now we are sleeping on a full sized mattress and (with Josh nor I being what you would call "small" people by any means) we have long since outgrown it (probably right around the end of October last year...). BUT now I am having an issue trying to minimalize what is currently in our bedroom so that it wont feel like a cramped space (which it will be). We have beautiful (chunky) light oak bedroom furniture that I've had since I was in middle school, but it's the wrong size now, and would be too big for our small space on any account. Luckily my mom wants it back :) I really need some good organization/storage ideas. I know that for now we are going to go with plastic dresser drawers. First because we don't have the money to invest in the nice furniture we actually want, and second because they will be about the same price as the cheap-o particle board furniture and should last much longer. Other than that I am at a loss! We have a bookshelf that has to go, a dresser that is piled high with odds and ends, and a closet crammed with stuff. I think the plan as of right now is to space bag what we can, and store that up under the bed. And then I want to buy some canvas, printed storage bins for all of the odds and ends and have Josh make us some closet shelves to store them on... but I'm not sure how I'm going to swing getting him to actually complete that project!! This is the master plan all to be completed tomorrow :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

My sick boy, but he's in a good mood!

The Flu

Poor baby Kyson has the Flu! He was given Tamiflu, breathing treatments, we're running a humidifier at night, and of course he's been in the bed with us. The breathing treatments were making him extremely irritable though, so I made the decision to stop them. If his breathing gets too labored or I feel like he's wheezing or possibly not getting enough oxygen I can always give him one, but it really just wasn't worth it to me! He went to the doctor on Wednesday morning, and already today I can tell he feels much better. He still has a cough and some congestion, but he hasn't ran a fever today :) and he seems to be back on his regular sleeping schedule of one bottle at night, a long nap in the morning, and a shorter one in the afternoon.

I spent a couple of hours Wednesday night in the labor and delivery ward. Thankfully, it turned out to be nothing, just a very active little Kaedrianna making me have some soreness and cramps.

I got a new camera! My old one was about 2.5 years old and just not as up to date as I would have liked. So after Kyson wakes up from his nap I should have some good pics of him up (as long as he wakes up in a relatively good mood, lol)!

Monday, December 6, 2010

19 days until Chrsitmas!

This last half of the year is just zipping right by! I try my hardest to make it slow down, but it doesn't seem to do any good... Ky is still growing like a weed, wearing a size 18 months in clothing, and growing out of his shoes again. He plays independently with all of his toys, and can stack Mega blocks together. He LOVES dancing to the Wiggles and Barney, and of course we all just smile and laugh like it's the cutest, most amazing thing we have ever seen (duh, it really is!). We all got together at Mom's house yesterday after church to decorate her Christmas tree. She has 30+ years of homemade ornaments. I don't think the tree looks all that great, but it is nice that she still has them all... lots and lots of memories...