Monday, December 27, 2010


I've sat down to blog two or three different times in the last day or so, but then I usually remember something that I was supposed to do (as I type this, I just remembered that I need to go start washing Kyson's diapers!). I'm just going to brave through this post though, and hopefully I'll remember to start them when I get up, lol.

My Christmas this year was wonderful. I am so thankful for my life. And my salvation. I couldn't ask for anything to be more perfect than what it already is. I know that in the future Josh and I will surely have our ups and downs, and that not every day will be a perfect day, but it just amazes me how truly blessed we are.

We spent pretty much the whole of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Mom's house. Although the norm down there can at least be considered slightly chaotic, we made some good memories. Mom made the first snowball coconut cake we've ever had :) We played board games, watched It's a Wonderful Life, and I watched the kids play Just Dance (my ever growing belly makes me too wobbly to attempt it this year). Kyson was a doll, as always, even though he had a fever from what I think was probably just teething. He danced to every bit of music, LOVED his new vacuum that his Aunt GiGi got him, and ate way way too many sweets.

On Christmas morning Santa had sat all of his big presents up on the couch (all of them were opened and all had new batteries in them)  and he had a BLAST going from toy to toy pressing buttons and dancing to music. He was such  joy to watch! We tried to get him interested in opening the gifts under the tree, but there were too many other toys for him to get distracted by. Then we let him have his first candy cane, after he ate some yogurt and peaches, and then walked down to mom's house. It was pretty close to a perfect day!

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