Saturday, December 18, 2010


Just thought I would take the time to brag on Kyson a little :) He's such a delightful kiddo!

At the moment he is sucking on an empty cup, lol. I think he wants there to be more tea in it! Wishful thinking on his part, because it is currently 15 minutes until 8:00, and the two-ish ounces that were in there is ALL he is getting! When I refill the sippy with water in a minute, he wont be a happy camper :)

We had Chinese food for dinner tonight... string bean chicken, and it was yum-my!! The green beans in it were fresh, and just lightly sauteed though, so they were a bit crunchy for him to handle. He accidentally let one of the partially chewed beans fall out of his mouth, and when I went to tell him no-no (it fell on the carpet) he just swooped it up and into his mouth with a smile. Stinker baby.

He walks around the house finding pacifiers and sticks them in, then comes grinning to me because he knows I don't let him have one unless it's nap/bed time.

This past week I have heard "What's that?" one hundred bazillion times from him... and I can't wait to hear it a hundred billion more! If he really wants the item, he just keeps saying "what's that?" over and over :)

I can ask him "Where's your baby monkey?" and he goes around the house trying to find it. His "baby monkey" is one of two sock monkeys that he gives unlimited kisses to willingly... soo cute!

He loves dumping the WHOLE container of Mega Blocks out in the floor, especially if the said container is sitting on the couch or TV stand... the blocks make a louder crashing sound that way.

He brings me his Weeble Wobbles just to hear me sing the theme song :) which I happily do to see that wonderful smile on his face!

He doesn't wake up for a bottle at night anymore :) Although, he does still wake up to come and snuggle with his mommy and daddy :) :)

When asked if he wants more of something, he smiles and shakes his head "yes". I don't really know why, but it makes me smile EVERY time I see him do it... he's just cute.

If he doesn't want to eat something, he still might take a bite of it... just be prepared for it come right back out of his mouth, lol. I've learned when trying new things to always have a napkin ready!

He walks around the house with a mini clothes basket on his head... and thinks himself hilarious.

If he's hungry, and I don't get him something to eat fast enough, he will go to the food cabinet and pick out what he wants to eat! I laughed for five straight minutes the first time he did this. He wanted peaches.

He is a very cute, very spoiled, very loved 13 1/2 month old :) And I wouldn't change a thing!

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