Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A bigger bed...

In three days we will be the owners of a KING SIZED BED! Yay! Right now we are sleeping on a full sized mattress and (with Josh nor I being what you would call "small" people by any means) we have long since outgrown it (probably right around the end of October last year...). BUT now I am having an issue trying to minimalize what is currently in our bedroom so that it wont feel like a cramped space (which it will be). We have beautiful (chunky) light oak bedroom furniture that I've had since I was in middle school, but it's the wrong size now, and would be too big for our small space on any account. Luckily my mom wants it back :) I really need some good organization/storage ideas. I know that for now we are going to go with plastic dresser drawers. First because we don't have the money to invest in the nice furniture we actually want, and second because they will be about the same price as the cheap-o particle board furniture and should last much longer. Other than that I am at a loss! We have a bookshelf that has to go, a dresser that is piled high with odds and ends, and a closet crammed with stuff. I think the plan as of right now is to space bag what we can, and store that up under the bed. And then I want to buy some canvas, printed storage bins for all of the odds and ends and have Josh make us some closet shelves to store them on... but I'm not sure how I'm going to swing getting him to actually complete that project!! This is the master plan all to be completed tomorrow :)

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