Sunday, November 28, 2010

The tree is up!

Thanksgiving dinner was ridiculously yummy this year, and lucky me didn't really have to cook any of it! :) Selena, my 15 year old little sister, wanted to make a tater tot casserole and came to my house to do it, and one of the turkeys cooked in my oven... other than that, I just got to EAT and EAT :) Josh worked the first part of the day, but got off just in time to sit down with us. I really enjoyed getting to see Jennifer all week long, and I know Kyson did, lol. She's the only one who would take him outside!

Josh and I put our Christmas tree up last night after Kyson went to bed, his face when we got up this morning was so precious! Now our house smells like cinnamon, and looks festive :) I love this time of year! We got all of our shopping for Kyson done this weekend too, and got some really great deals! We are so incredibly blessed.

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