Thursday, November 4, 2010

sick babies :(

I hate when babies are sick, they are so incredibly pitiful! Kyson has had a rough cold for most of this week, and is pretty miserable. We're giving him Tylenol for his fever, using Vicks baby rub every night, and running a humidifier, but he still feels pretty yucky for the most part. I would rather it be me ten times over!

He is growing too fast, as always. The only time he ever crawls is when he falls down and needs to pull up on something. He's almost running now :) It's funny to see him be so tiny and go just as fast as his legs will take him to a toy. We got his pictures back today, and as I looked through them I think it really hit me that this was probably the last time we will ever take just him to a portrait studio... the next time we will probably have his baby sister in tow!

I love this time of year, despite all of the yucky sickness that goes around. The chill in the air just lifts my spirits somehow. Mom is making homemade potato soup for dinner, one of my all time favorites, and we're heading down there in a bit. All of the pre-teens love playing with and watching out for Kyson while I'm down there, and I usually get a nice break! I love my family :)

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