Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chocolate Covered Cherries


I can't believe that Thanksgiving is the week after next... time just seems to move so fast! I can remember thinking in  high school, and even in college, that it seemed like I was stuck, and wouldn't ever get to "move on"... not realizing that time was flying right past me.

 Kyson is an official toddler... and I SO miss the baby in him :( We are working on getting him to take only a sippy cup during the day time, but haven't tackled the "paci problem" yet... I probably wont for a while... I just need him to be my baby for as long as I can stretch it out for! I have right around 4 months until Kaedrian's expected arrival. Sometimes I think that I still have forever, and other times I start getting anxious thinking about how little time we have to prepare for her. She is still a relatively active baby, always thumping around in my belly... especially when I hum or sing to Kyson... which is extra special :)

Josh still hasn't found a job, and i can tell that he is starting to get stressed about it. It's been a full 6 months since he graduated with his degree in criminology, and he's started to consider other possible jobs that don't require his diploma. I know that isn't what he really wants to do, but I don't really know how I can help him...

We're saving up for Black Friday :) and we're definitely already excited about it! This is the first year that we really get to shop for Kyson. last year we just got him a few books and some clothes... this year, even though he already has plenty, we have a whole list! I'll probably end up just picking out a few things though, since we're saving for the new baby,  a new car, and a new house... although we're not nearly as serious about the latter two as we should be!

Life has a way of falling into place, whether you plan it out or not.

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