Thursday, October 28, 2010

We're having a baby girl!

I went to get a mid-pregnancy ultrasound on Wednesday (actually, we went on Tuesday and had to reschedule), and we are indeed having a girl this time :) I think I have known this whole pregnancy that it would be a girl... I told Josh I thought it was going to be a girl... but even so I did not LET myself picture a princess, and kept hoping for a little brother for Kyson. So it is still settling in that we can look at the pink side of the store now, lol. While certain things would have worked out for the better had this little package turned out to be a boy, we are definitely excited (reads: anxious, nervous, scared, overwhelmed, happy, shocked, and a myriad of other emotions) about this little one. She kicks so much more frequently and harder than Kyson ever did (as she thumps in my belly to prove it). The ultrasound went great health wise, also. She is the perfect size (still under a pound), and perfectly healthy as far as we can tell. We've already bought a "little sister" onsie, and are looking for the perfect "big brother" t-shirt... I can't wait to get their pictures made together :)

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