Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Steal :)

I love good deals! I've been really wanting to buy Kyson some All Star shoes. I wanted them to be hard soled, black, and name brand. The only place I could find them at was the MOG, and they were $25... I have no problem investing money (just look at my cloth diaper stash) if it's gonna get a lot of good use... but that seemed like a lot of money for something that he was gonna grow out of in a couple of months! Nevertheless, I was determined to get them for him, just as soon as we had wiggle room in our budget. Rewind to this past weekend. I went thrift store shopping with my mom to see if we could find Kyson some toys that he might play with (he gets bored easily, lol). And we found TONS of toddler cars, and musical odds and ends that he loves, AND a pair of HARD SOLED, BLACK, NAME BRAND, ALL STARS, IN HIS SIZE! How blessed am I? :) They were 90% off of the ones in the mall. I was thrilled to say the least.

We spent most of the morning in a pediatric ophthalmologist's office. I had noticed one of Kyson's eyes pulling a little to the left, and wanted to get it checked out. The doctor said that she didn't see anything wrong, and couldn't get it to pull (YAY!), so we just go back in 6 months to make sure she still doesn't see anything. He's at the age where he is never content to just sit in my lap, which makes me sad, and also grossed out, because that means I have to let him down to play in the office with all of their germ-y toys! Yuck!

These pictures were right after we got home from the office (and after he finished his nap in the car seat).

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