Thursday, September 2, 2010


Kyson has a yeast infection :( Now I have to boil and/or bleach ALL of my cloth diapers. And that, by far, is not the worst part! The cream that the doctor prescribed can't be used with cloth diapers... so for the next week+ he will be in disposables :( boo. At least we decided to try the seventh generation diapers, which are chlorine free... it makes me feel a little less guilty about putting him disposables. No dye, no fragrance, and no chlorine. Hopefully we get everything cleared up and are back in cloth SOON!
More cloth news :) is that we're switching from our cute fitteds to mostly FuzziBunz. FB's are waterproof, and have snaps, which I think will be a better system for us, especially when we start cloth diapering two! I'm looking forward to selling all of our old dipes and getting to by new ones!
Ky just got a pneumonia vaccine, and surprisingly, did very well! a low low fever, but that was about it! He also went to the therapist about his finger (which doesn't extend all the way out on it's own). He now wears a brace on his finger for most of the day, and hopefully it will help straighten it out, so that we can avoid surgery (which we think would be very minor, and involve clipping a ligament). He's a super happy baby right now, despite everything that's been going on, and in the last week or so his personality has definitely come out! He gets into everything he possibly could... and more still, lol. Life for us is going by SO SO fast, and we're enjoying every minute of it (minus the nausea from the pregnancy, although I am very grateful to be healthy and still carrying this baby :))
A super cute pic that will make you laugh is to come, just as soon as I find my camera!

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