Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dancing :)

Kyson has learned how to dance and head bob to music! He is so funny! When my phone goes off, or a commercial with music comes on, or a toy that has sounds plays he just starts smiling and dancing. His favorite song to date is "Your Love is My Drug" by Ke$ha, lol. We played it on You Tube, and then tried playing a Justin Beiber song and he cried like his little heart was broken! Josh and I were laughing so hard we were nearly crying!

He is on full formula now at 10 months... which is a good thing and a bad! I hate not having that bond with him, and not knowing that he is getting the absolute best nutrition possible, BUT it's been a great break for me. Someone else can deal with feedings for once (aka Joshua, and he actually likes getting to feed him). He is in the process of cutting his fourth tooth, and when he smiles they all show and makes for great pictures... speaking of, I'm not taking nearly as many as I used to b/c I get so caught up in just enjoying him :) I'm trying to get back in the swing of things though... can't wait for this pregnancy nausea to be gone!

I can't wait to go shopping for his Fall/Winter wardrobe :) And believe it or not, he already needs ANOTHER hair cut! He's gonna have to get two before his first birthday! Which is in less than two months :( My precious baby is definitely growing up!

Both he and I have colds right now, but it really hasn't been too bad. Tylenol had been our friends, as well as lots of rest... thank goodness.

I had an OB visit this week, and got a surprise ultrasound :) Poor Joshua was sitting in the car with Kyson so we didn't have to bring him in to the doctor's office while he was sick. It went wonderfully! He/she was wiggling around, waving it's arms, and kicking it's legs... I loved getting to see that.

Pictures to come soon!!

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