Friday, July 2, 2010


Tab is coming home to see Drew, instead of us driving him out to her in TX, so we're replacing our TX road trip with a camping trip with EVERYONE :) we go just about every year and it's always lots of fun. With this years addition (Kyson, Makayla, and her brothers, plus another family) things should be... interesting (reads: chaotic).

We gave up on CIO with Kyson :( it was just too stressful for both of us. But now, of course, he is sleeping worse than ever! He wont stay in his bed at all, and when I put him in the bed with me(which I would love if we had a bigger bed) he wakes up to nurse ALL NIGHT LONG :( and very broken sleep is only slightly better than no sleep.

Josh and I are both still attempting to eat healthy... we've both lost a couple of pounds, although definitely not as much as we would like. I bet that is because of little slip ups like Joshua getting a milky way when he was sent to the store to pick up baby food :) it was on the receipt, lol.

He is supposedly supposed to get serious about finding a better job as soon as we get back from vacation... we'll see how that goes! :) I love him and all of his crazy self! I just can't help it!

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