Monday, June 14, 2010

Too many thoughts!

I have too many thoughts bouncing around in my head tonight. I think of one topic and before I can type anything out another one pops in to my head!!

I got in Mom's pool today with Ky. He absolutely loved it! He was kicking and kicking his little legs and splashing and screaming, it was too cute. He kept putting his face in the water, trying to drink it. We only stayed in for about 15 minutes because the water was cold, and we didn't have on any sunblock. Kyson's skin is naturally tan, and I'm sure he wouldn't burn very easily, but I, on the other hand, burn within minutes...seriously.

Tab is leaving for TX tomorrow morning, and we wont see her for awhile. We might go visit her in a couple of weeks for a second vacation :) it's just a "maybe" though, we don't have any set plans. The biggest downfall is the 16 hour drive with an 8 month old :/ so I'll have to be pretty brave to take it on!!!

Our second anniversary is a week from today :) I love my little family and wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING in the whole world!! The traditional gift at the two year mark is cotton... and guess what that means for me?!?! More diapers! LOL. I really need to get on the ball and figure something out for Josh though. Any ideas are welcome! Although, you'll need to e-mail them to me ( b/c he reads my blog :) haha babe!

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