Friday, June 4, 2010

Today turned out surprisingly good :) I was down at mom's for most of it. I really wish I had had my camera at one point, Ky was being absolutely hilarious! He started fake coughing, which isn't unusual, especially when he wants attention, but Tabitha fake coughed back at him and the pattern went on and on! He was so darn funny! Hannah, my 10 year old little sister is a natural with kids, maybe the most natural I've ever seen! I don't let the kids tend to him much, just because of the typical chaos, but today she held him and watched him for probably 15 minutes and did wonderfully! It makes me happy to see that for some reason...

I got all of my diaper laundry done today :) That's never a downer! The inserts and doublers are in the dryer and all of the shells are hanging to dry (all over the house). I'm STILL missing two diapers that I ordered more than 6 weeks ago... It actually makes me really mad, not because they're having difficulties on their end, but because I can't seem to get a straight answer from them. They wont tell me when they're going to get here!! I love my cloth diapers, and I know I'm a bit of an addict :) I have $10 to spend at, and I have NO IDEA what I'm going to buy with it... I really want another hanging wet bag (water proof bag for dirty diapers). The one I have, when it is completely packed full, really isn't a full load to wash. And I should also probably buy some hemp inserts for overnight diapering, because Kyson nurses all night long and therefore pees all night long and has to have TWO of them in a diaper, along with a microfiber insert. Even then he is soaking wet in the morning (Well, the diaper is, not him. It is a stay dry liner, so he doesn't feel wet). And I wanted to get another bag of Rockin Green laundry soap. Regular soap (and fabric softener) can leave residue buildup on cloth diapers, and affects the absorbency of the material. Rockin Green is awesome! First it smells WONDERFUL, and second the diapers come out feeling super soft! Enough about diapers though... I could go on for DAYS, lol.

Tomorrow, if it doesn't rain, we are headed to a concert in the park. It should be a fun day, except for the fact that my little LaLa is leaving :(


  1. It's true. I've never heard anyone talk about or be so excited about diapers.

  2. :) When you have kids, if you were to choose to cloth diaper, you would see. They're cute, comfy, and good for our budget, his bottom, and the earth. What's not to like?