Friday, June 4, 2010

Sleep? What's that?

You would think that, sleep deprived mom that I am, I would be napping right now. Nope. I don't know why, probably because I have too much to do (writing on my blog doesn't exactly make the list). Ky woke up every two hours or so last night. We didn't go to bed until around midnight (movie night), and then we were up at 6am.  He just nursed and then fell asleep in the swing. And here I am... not sleeping. Today is Joshua's long day at work. 7-3 and then 5-9. I'm feeling a little sick, maybe a cold? I did get a load of baby laundry done though :) I made myself some peach oatmeal for breakfast, and gave Ky a taste.. mistake. He wanted to dive into the bowl! Take into account that he had just nursed about 45 minutes before. But he ended up eating probably two tablespoons of it, until Ni Hao Kai Lan  caught his attention... stinker baby :) That was his first meal that wasn't organic.

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