Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I can't figure out how to blog from my blackberry. I'm not entirely sure that it is impossible, I just haven't spent enough time fooling around on the site I guess. Ky and I are both feeling better. He still has a half stuffy/half runny nose. And I really really hope that my sense of smell is off and I didn't smell that stinkiest of stink smells that indicates an ear ache :( We're supposed to go out to dinner with friends tomorrow, so I am praying that he doesn't regress any. I got some scrapbooking supplies at a really good deal today, so I'm going to scrap book our Vacation to TN, Josh's graduation, and maybe Ky's first year. I did one for our honeymoon, way back in the day (holy cow, it's almost been TWO YEARS!!) and it turned out really well, and I love to look back on it now. It brings back not only memories, but the feeling I had when we were in Florida. Josh and I are both still attempting to eat healthy, although I did have a sandwich on sour dough french bread today, instead of on the healthy organic whole wheat :) I needed to eat the sour dough so that it wouldn't get stale!!!

Ky had trouble getting to sleep tonight. He went to bed around 8, which is his usual time, but then was back up 45 minutes later... I tried rocking him back to sleep, but he wasn't having it. I finally laid him on a pillow in the living room floor and he watched Kate Plus 8 until he fell asleep. Then I went and laid him back in his bed about 15 minutes ago, and hopefully he'll stay in there for awhile!

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